The Mission of Santa Clara de Asís

The Mission of Santa Clara de Asís is the eighth Spanish mission in California. It was founded on January 12, 1777, by the Franciscan Order to bring Christianity to the native Ohlone and Costanoan peoples in the Santa Clara Valley. There were 21 Spanish missions in California, established to help colonize the Pacific Coast. TheContinue reading “The Mission of Santa Clara de Asís”

Henry W. Coe State Park

The 87,000-acre Coe Park is located near Morgan Hill, south of San Jose, in the Diablo Range. The park is the largest in northern California. It began as the Pine Ridge Ranch, a 12,230-acre cattle ranch owned by Henry Willard Coe, Jr., from 1905-1943. Coe’s daughter, Sada Coe Robinson, repurchased the ranch in 1950 andContinue reading “Henry W. Coe State Park”

Guglielmo Family Winery

The Santa Clara Valley’s history is rich with stories of immigrants, including Italian and French families who settled there. As with all immigrants, they brought their traditions with them, including drinking table wine with meals. Local wineries sold younger, fruitier red and white wines than are in vogue today, as the style of wine thenContinue reading “Guglielmo Family Winery”

Harris-Lass House Museum

The Harris-Lass House Museum is an oasis in Santa Clara, California. Walking onto the grounds of the last farm site in the city is a step back in time. The museum preserves the spirit of the Harris and Lass families who lived on the property for 125 years. The site incorporates the farm house builtContinue reading “Harris-Lass House Museum”

Welcome to the Valley of Heart’s Delight

Fiona Lenihan has crossed an ocean, so why not a continent? Welcome to the Valley of Heart’s Delight, also known as the Santa Clara Valley or Silicon Valley. Back in the 1850s it was a sweeping plain with oak trees and marshes, dotted with thousands of grazing cattle and sheep. The Valley of Heart’s DelightContinue reading “Welcome to the Valley of Heart’s Delight”

Bronwyn Long Borne

Bronwyn is a nurse by day and writer by night. She crafts stories about strong women like the women who have inspired her over the years, especially women who come to know their strength through adversity. Custodian of the Spirits tells the tale of such a woman. This blog will provide updates and behind-the-scenes informationContinue reading “Bronwyn Long Borne”