Welcome to the Valley of Heart’s Delight

And So It Begins

Fiona Lenihan has crossed an ocean, so why not a continent?

Welcome to the Valley of Heart’s Delight, also known as the Santa Clara Valley or Silicon Valley. Back in the 1850s it was a sweeping plain with oak trees and marshes, dotted with thousands of grazing cattle and sheep. The Valley of Heart’s Delight series tells the adventures of Fiona Lenihan, a single mother traveling to California with her two young children in 1857. She fled the Irish Potato Famine in Black ’47– 1847 — with her two brothers, and lived in Philadelphia until circumstances left her in search of a new beginning. Her journey brings her to the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Published by coloradowineandfood

Bronwyn Long Borne is a nurse by day and wine writer by night. Her husband, Stuart, shares her love of wine and food. Locovore experiences were part of their courtship, and their wedding reception was a farm-to-table dinner featuring Colorado wine and food. Bronwyn developed an interest in wine after taking Kevin Zraly's Windows on the World Wine School when she lived in New York City, and joining John Glas’s wine groups when she lived in Minneapolis. Bronwyn is happy to share her enthusiasm for the noble grape—and the many foods that make it shine—with fellow wine geeks. Sláinte!

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